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Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

Mobile Health Clinic 2023

Duration: August 7-22, 2023

Location: Central Vietnam 

We are recruiting the following positions for Mobile Health Clinic 2023:

  • Primary Care Providers (DO, MD, ARNP, PA-C) - Filled

  • Dentists (DDS, DMD) - Filled

  • Dental Hygienists (RDH)

  • Nurses/Triage (RN) - Filled

  • Optometrists (OD) - Filled

  • Pharmacists (PharmD) - Filled 

  • Physical Therapists (DPT) 

General Information and Expectations:

  • All healthcare professionals (HP) play a vital role in the mobile clinic. There is a one-week minimum requirement from each HP to ensure consistency of workflow and quality of care.

    • August 7-15, 2023

    • August 15-22, 2023

  • VHC encourages HPs to work collaboratively with other care providers through the exchange of best practices and therapeutic knowledge.

    • Drug formulary management meetings are conducted to ensure consistent and standard levels of care between HPs within similar scopes of practices, as well as allow other HPs to contribute and understand the demographics the mission will serve. 

    • Round table discussions will be hosted at least twice prior to the mission – participation is vital to the success of a true inter-professional collaboration/relationship.

  • Providing valuable clinical experience and mentorship to our student members is important to us at VHC. We expect HPs to work alongside student members to share knowledge and expertise that can give them a better understanding of each specific profession and scope of practice.

    • In addition, HPs are encouraged to lecture and/or train student members on specific topics during the students’ weekly meetings.

  • To ensure HPs have a baseline understanding of the mission’s workflow, HPs are strongly encouraged to participate in mock clinic training sessions held two months prior to the start of the medical mission 

If you would like to participate in our Mobile Health Clinic in 2023, please fill out the commitment form below.

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Have any further questions? 

Contact our Healthcare Professional Officer, Noah Pham at

  • What are the roles and responsibilities of each HP?
    1. Physicians (MD, DO, ARNP, PA-C) - Primary care providers will assess acute care needs, provide education and treat with proper therapy based on an in-house drug formulary list. 2. Nurse (RN) - Nurses will be the first point-of-contact for the patient to gather medical history and triage based on primary chief complaints. 3. Pharmacist (PharmD) - Pharmacists help create the drug formulary, maintain adequate inventory, and dispense medications based on the doctors’ therapy goals while counseling patients on how to properly take their medications. 4. Dentist (DDS, DMD) - Dentists will be providing dental education and emergent dental treatments for patients experiencing tooth pain. 5. Optometrist (OD) - Provide primary level of eyecare including refraction and assessment of ocular health. Donated prescription and reader glasses will be available for immediate dispensing to optimize a patient's vision. Sunglasses are given to every patient during the mission to educate the population about UV protection. 6. Physical Therapist (DPT) - Therapists will demonstrate stretches, exercises and techniques to improve the body’s strengths and flexibility to decrease the risk of work-related injuries.
  • How much does it cost to participate and what does the cost entails?
    The total cost is $1250 (2 weeks) or $625 (1 week) which will covers in-country lodging, food, transportation and any excursions during the full duration of the clinic. This cost DOES NOT include round trip flight to and from Viet Nam. The cost for round trip flight to and from Viet Nam is dependent on the time of booking.
  • Do I need to be in Seattle to be an HP?
    No, we have had HPs from all over the US volunteer with VHC. We have a lot of experience with coordinating meetings and keeping our HP volunteers up-to-date via online tools such as email, zoom or google meet. However, we do hold HP-specific events in Seattle such as formulary management discussion, round-table clinical best practice discussion as well as mock clinics. We strong encourage our HPs to attend these events if they can.
  • When do I need to commit by?
    As there are a limited number of available positions per component so the sooner you are able to commit, the better for us to solidify our healthcare team to provide you with all the logistical details and training involved with the other providers. We strongly suggest that you submit the questionnaire as soon as you know that you are able to commit to our clinic dates.
  • Can I bring a spouse/child along to the clinic?
    Unfortunately the space on our team is limited. However, we are happy to evaluate your request on a case by case basis. Please let us know during the registration process and we can provide you with more details.
  • How often do the healthcare professionals meet?
    Our healthcare professionals typically meet at least twice prior to clinics in Vietnam to discuss formulary management and mock clinic training.
  • Will I need to bring any of my equipment or will everything be provided?
    VHC welcome all healthcare providers to consider bringing their own equipment or supplies they may find suitable for such practice setting. Our team will consult with you to evaluate the need and appropriateness of the equipment you plan to bring. VHC does provide some clinical equipment to support each specialty. Please note VHC may help assist the transport of equipment but is not responsible for any loss or damage of the equipment.
  • Do I have to book my own flights?
    Each HP is responsible for booking their own flight. VHC is happy to connect you with our travel agent to support you with your booking.

Dr. Carol Waymack, MD

"I was amazed by the quality of students helping on the trip: the dedication & hard work, the organizational skills, and the compassion. Overall, top students."

Copy of IMG_6241.JPG

Dr. Joe Tran, Pharm.D.

"Through the years when VHC began in 2009 until now, this mission has connected me closer to my heritage, make meaningful, lifelong friendships and experiences, and gives me a passion and fulfillment to serve to the most underserved in the world. This is why I continue to stay involved with the Vietnam Health Clinic."


Dr. William Gould, MD

“Probably the most enjoyable two weeks I ever spent overseas. We were treated by the medical staff of the various clinics with respect and dignity, and I felt friendship.” 

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