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Are you interested in helping others? Do you have an interest in the healthcare field or are an existing healthcare professional? Do you want to be more involved with VHC but can't meet the requirements to be a student member or healthcare professional for our mobile health clinic?  Please consider joining us as a volunteer!


Throughout the year, VHC volunteers have the opportunity to work closely with VHC and our community partners to plan and participate in memorable events such as fundraisers, mock clinics, and educational workshops as well as help us reach out to sponsors, donors and healthcare professionals for their support as our ambassadors. These opportunities will help provide you with a better understanding of our mission, the chance to give back and meet new people.  It will also allow you to get valuable experience that would be beneficial to your application if you choose to apply to be a student member or healthcare professional for our clinic in Vietnam. Check out some of the events we’ve done in the past below and sign up to be a volunteer!

VNSF 16th Annual Benefit Gala

Vietnam Scholarship Foundation (VNSF)

16th Annual Benefit Gala

VHC Healthcare Professional Social Event 

VHC Booth at Tet in Seattle 2017

VHC Mock Clinic with Healthcare Professionals

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