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Student members

Aside from serving patients in Vietnam, VHC's other main objective is educating our students. Each year, student members work hard to raise funds and acquire supplies in preparation for our mobile health clinic. On top of that, they attend weekly trainings to prepare for every aspect of our makeshift clinic — from measuring blood pressure, to taking medical history, to interpreting for our health professionals. Since the creation of VHC, over 300 students have volunteered with us and more than 40% have gone on to successfully pursue careers in healthcare.

VHC also empowers our previous members to become student officers and assist in training our members. No matter how much work or stress is involved each year, our student officers put the weight on their shoulders to make the trip successful and rewarding for all of the volunteers and health professionals.


Applications for student members are now closed, but if you would like to get updates on info sessions, upcoming events and programs, please subscribe to our email list here.

Want to help out with VHC in the community? Consider signing up to be a VHC volunteer! Throughout the year, our volunteers have the opportunity to work closely our community partners to plan and participate in memorable events such as fundraisers, mock clinics, and educational workshops as well as help us reach out to sponsors, donors and healthcare professionals for their support as our ambassadors. These opportunities will help provide you with a better understanding of our mission, the chance to give back, and the ability to network with new people.  It will also allow you to get valuable experience that would be beneficial to your application if you choose to later apply as a student member. Please click here to sign up!

frequently asked questions

Who do we accept?


All students and professionals, 18 years and older, from any major and accredited school in the U.S. 

How many student members are accepted?

The number of student members we are accepting into the 2025 cohort is to be determined.

When are student member's applications due?

Applications are due in the fall leading up to the summer clinic. For our 2025 mobile health clinic, applications will open in Fall 2024.

What will the application process look like this year, in-person interviews or virtual?

Recruitment interviews in the fall of 2024 are to be determined.

When is the mobile clinic?

How long is it for?

We are still determining the exact dates and duration of our mobile health clinic, but it is planned for Summer 2025.

Note: Our clinic is hosted bi-annually in Vietnam. The previous mobile health clinic was conducted Summer 2023. The next projected clinic will be Summer 2025.

Is there a cost to being a student member?

There is no upfront membership cost. However, members are expected to fund for their own transportation, lodging, food, and other travel costs during the trip to Vietnam for clinic. We will work with students on every opportunity to bring costs down and provide payment options as needed. 

How often are meetings?

Is attendance required? 

Our general body meetings are for student members and officers to discuss, coordinate, and prepare for ongoing and future projects, which includes training as needed. Meetings are required for student members and are typically once a week. The location is in Seattle.

What’s the difference between student members and volunteers?


Student members have certain requirements such as attending weekly meetings and trainings in preparation to serve patients at one of our health clinics.


Volunteers on the other hand do not have to meet any requirements.

From our alumni:

Anthony Luu

Member: 2.0 | Leader: 3.0, 4.0

"I joined Vietnam Health Clinic in 2010 as a student volunteer and for the first time during my college career, I felt a sense of purpose and belonging. I was surrounded by driven, like-minded students with similar career aspirations and the support we provided each other not only helped us produce successful mission trips, but also success in our own personal and professional endeavors. I have made many life-long friends through the organization and for that, I am grateful." 

Michelle Tran

Member: 4.0 | Leader: 5.0

"Vietnam Health Clinic offers no epiphanies--you likely won't save lives and you probably won't figure out the rest of your life in two weeks. Instead, you'll work hard, sweat a lot, and laugh loudly with a team that will slowly become some of your best friends. You'll gain new appreciation, insight into new perspectives, and serve a population you will never forget."

Belle Ngo

Member: 6.0 | Leader: 7.0

"It is a complex and multifaceted task to make a lasting impact on a community, but VHC has the passion, drive, and teamwork to continually evolve. Working with such a dedicated and tenacious family has greatly informed my goals as an aspiring physician and has not only unlocked new opportunities, but also provided me with fresh perspectives."

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