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Board of Directors

Healthcare Professionals

Share Your Passion and Make a Difference

Are you looking for an opportunity to volunteer your time and skills to helping the underserved community? Do you also have a passion for mentoring and supporting young adults? We are currently recruiting for new board members in the Greater Seattle area and we want you to join our community of college students, healthcare professionals and motivated leaders who are looking to make a difference. No healthcare or Vietnamese affiliations needed.


VHC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving health care access and services to under-resourced populations of Vietnam, while promoting proactive learning and firsthand experience in primary care for our student members. VHC hosts mobile health clinics in rural Vietnam, providing services such as medical, dental, optometry, physical therapy, pharmaceutical and public health education. With the help of student members and healthcare professionals along with our local community, sponsors and volunteers, we have been able to provide aid to over 13,000 patients over the past ten years. We have now started to expand our health services to support low-income patients in the Greater Seattle area as well, starting with a partnership with International Community Health Services (ICHS).


What’s unique about VHC is that we integrate student mentorship into the goal of our mobile health clinic, providing student members with valuable clinical experience working alongside healthcare professionals in Vietnam. Leading up to the mobile health clinic, we train students to prepare for every aspect of an international mobile health clinic - from measuring vitals, taking medical history, interpret and assist our health professionals to cultural competency. In addition, all students work to raise funds, acquire supplies, and plan logistics for the trip; allowing them to develop important skills like communication, work ethic, leadership and teamwork. Since the creation of VHC, over 350 students have volunteered with us and more than 40% have gone on to successfully pursue careers in healthcare.


VHC board members provide valuable guidance and resources to strengthen the impact that our nonprofit has on the community while helping to guide the lives of young people. We are looking for board volunteers who want a meaningful way to contribute their time and skill that is reflective of their passion and values. We encourage you to apply and learn more about our organization!

Ideal Board Member

  • Has a passion for giving back to the community and providing mentorship to young leaders

  • Appreciates the integration and commitment to developing students

  • No healthcare or Vietnamese affiliations needed.

  • Special skills desired, if applicable: Accounting, Legal, Human Resources, Fundraising, Grant Writing, Organizational Development, and Procurement.


Board Member Responsibilities

  • Plan strategically for short and long-term goals for the future of VHC

  • Speak and advocate for VHC and our mission

  • Strengthen relationships between VHC and the local/abroad community

  • Participate in fund development activities throughout the year

  • Develop policy, and creating, reviewing, and evaluating organizational plans

  • Recognize and avoid conflicts of interest

  • Oversee students’ accountability and development

  • Ensure the organization’s fiscal stability

  • Attend monthly board meetings

  • Attend annual retreat or strategic planning meeting

  • Actively work on one or more committees

  • Participate in special projects as needed including fundraising

Board Terms

  • Flexible 

Time Commitment

  • Board members may expect to serve on average 4-10 hours per month. 


Selection & Recruitment Process

  • Contact us and we would be happy to set up a call with you!

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