mRNA Vaccine

  • COVID-19 mRNA vaccines work by giving our cells specific instructions on how to make a “spike protein” that is found on the COVID-19 virus 

  • When the mRNA is in immune cells, cells start making the spike protein. Once the protein is complete, the mRNA instructions will be broken down by the cell 

  • The cell shows the protein for the immune system to recognize that it’s out of place. In response, our body creates antibodies to protect against future infection against COVID-19.

  • First, the vector (a different, harmless virus) goes into the body and uses cell mechanics to create a harmless piece of spike protein that causes COVID-19 

  • The cell shows off the spike protein to grab the attention of our immune system, which does not recognize the foreign object. This causes the immune system to create antibodies and gather other immune cells to fight off the “infection.” 

  • Our bodies adapt to know how to fight off future infections of COVID-19 

  • Overall: can start within 1-2 days of getting vaccinated, but will subside within a few days 

  • The temporary symptoms are normal and show us that the vaccine is helping our body create antibodies.




mRNA Vaccines
  • 2 shots, 21 days apart

  • Intramuscular shot -- given in the muscle of upper arm 

  • 12 years+


  • 2 shots, 28 days apart

  • Intramuscular shot -- given in the muscle of upper arm 

  • 16 years+


  • 1 shot

  • Intramuscular -- upper arm 

  • 18 years+






Arm Swelling/Redness

Muscle Pain


The temporary symptoms are normal and show us that the vaccine is helping our body create antibodies


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  • Immunity -- according to the CDC, it takes approximately 2 weeks after being fully vaccinated to create full protection 

    • You can still catch COVID-19 before and after vaccination 

  • Must still continue to wear a mask, social distance and wash hands frequently! 

  • Effectiveness of vaccines with new variants of COVID-19 is still being studied.


where to get your vaccine


Vietnam Health Clinic has created a COVID Vaccine Scheduling Assistance Program to help register patients and connect them to a location that has a COVID-19 vaccine appointment available that matches their eligibility and criteria. 

Due to language and technology barriers, we know many people such as the elderly, minority communities, and Vietnamese non-fluent English speakers have not been able to schedule an appointment. With our new program, we hope to help ease the burden of scheduling and do our part in the vaccine distribution efforts. 

                     If you or someone you know needs help finding a vaccine appointment, click on the

                                              phone below to sign up for our program or scan the QR code: 



Email if you have any questions!

VHC COVID Vaccine Scheduling Assistance


Additional Info
Pliable Mobile Clinic
Appointment Only
Neighborhood House High Point: 6400 Sylvan Way SW, Seattle, WA 98126
J&J Vaccine Only (18 years+)
Kitsap Public Health District
Appointment Only
Bremerton (Walk in) St. Michael Medical Center Bremerton (the old hospital), 2520 Cherry Avenue, Bremerton, WA 98310 Poulsbo (Drive-Through) Olympic College Poulsbo (back half of the large staff/student parking lot) 1000 NW Olympic College Way, Poulsbo, WA 98370
Equity in Education Coalition
Pre-registering adults (and 16+, depending on vaccine)
Renton Technical College Highline College (FRIDAY, APRIL 23RD, 2021) Green River College AUBURN CAMPUS (SATURDAY MAY 1, 2021) Tukwila Transit Center
Sea Mar Community Health Centers
First dose on walk-in basis, second dose by appointment
See list on website
Fred Hutch/Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
Appointment only, 8:00am to 5:30pm PDT
1100 Fairview Ave N Seattle, WA 98109
UW Medicine
Join the waitlist at 844.520.8700; no walk-ins
Various locations
Join the stand-by list for leftover doses.
Kaiser Permanente
Appointment only
Various locations