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Social concerns

Misinformation about coronavirus has been creating fear as well as provoking unacceptable bad behaviors and actions. This makes it harder to keep everyone healthy, especially from a new virus that we are continually learning about. We all must do our part to reduce and respond to the social stigma that is associated with COVID-19.  Below are some reliable resources to utilize and share.


The senseless acts of violence across the nation against the Asian community 

has left us all angry, heartbroken, anxious, and scared. The influx of hate crimes 

targeted towards the AAPI communities have been racially motivated ever since the pandemic. VHC is committed to doing our part – to lend our voice, to educate and learn, to support and join other local organizations as we reject racial discrimination and #StopAsianHate



What can we do to reduce the stigma?

  • Stay informed and share trusted sources of information

  • Speak up if you hear, see, or read stigmatizing or harassing comments as well as misinformation

  • Be cautious of your language.  Check your own stigmas and biases.

  • Use the following recommended and appropriate terms when communicating about COVID-19 by clicking the link here: Spread the Facts

  • Show compassion and support for individuals and communities more closely impacted

  • Avoid stigmatizing people who are in quarantine and who choose to wear a face covering or not

  • Do not make assumptions about someone's health based on their ethnicity, race, or nationality 

  • Report discrimination


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) also has an informative page on the stigma associated with COVID-19 and how to reduce this stigma:


CDC - Reducing Stigma (English)

CDC - Reducing Stigma (Vietnamese)

Reference: - Coronavirus and Stigma and WA State DOH - Stigma Reduction

How to report discrimination

Washington State Human Rights Commission

The state organization for filing a charge of discrimination for employers, housing providers, and businesses anywhere in Washington.

Website Link

King County Office of Civil Rights

This office handles discrimination complaints only for King County government and for employers, housing, and businesses in the unincorporated parts of King County (outside the cities).

Seattle Office for Civil Rights

This office handles discriminatory harassment in housing, employment, or public places within Seattle city limits.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice

A national affiliation of 5 leading organizations advocating for the civil and human rights of Asian Americans and other underserved communities.  This website reports, documents, and shares stories of hate as a means of education.

Stop the Hate

This grassroots organization aims to provide community online tools for anonymous reporting and accountability.

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