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Trip FAQ

  • Would you need to understand and/or be able to speak Vietnamese in order to volunteer with VHC?

    No! Being able to understand and/or speak Vietnamese is NOT an application requirement for VHC applicants. Last year's trip comprised of nearly 40 general volunteers with almost half of the accepted members not from Vietnamese descent.
  • When would we be going to Vietnam?

    Tentative trip dates usually fall around the end of summer. This allows students who wish to take summer quarter at the University of Washington to do so. This is subject to change. Students applying to graduate or professional schools should consult with their prospective school schedules to see if they are available during those dates. Future dates for the 2014 trip are tentatively set in late August and returning early September.
  • How can I volunteer as a student?

    We welcome student volunteers from the state of Washington. To learn more, please visit the "Prospective Students" tab underneath VOLUNTEER.
  • Is VHC recruiting Health Professionals?

    Yes. A vital part of VHC’s team are the Health Professionals. If you are a licensed physician, dentist, physician assistant, pharmacist, or nurse who is interested in accompanying us for our upcoming trip, please contact us at Like the student volunteers, health professionals do NOT need to be capable of understanding and/or speaking Vietnamese to volunteer. We will have translators for those who need it. We would love to have you join us! Please see the Health Professionals Tab under VOLUNTEER for more information.
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