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Vietnam Health Clinic (VHC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving healthcare access to underprivileged communities in Vietnam. Over a span of two weeks, VHC hosts a mobile health clinic, providing medical, dental, optometric, pharmaceutical, and therapeutic services. With the help of our local community, sponsors and volunteers over the past 8 years, we were able to provide aid to over 13,000 patients.

To continue delivering quality health care to these communities, VHC's upcoming medical mission will be in the summer of 2017. Our volunteers, both health professionals and students, are providers and personal interpreters. Our student members gain valuable healthcare experience by immersing themselves in rural medicine and basic healthcare systems.

In the process of fulfilling our goal, we collaborate with local medical students and doctors in a joint effort to minimize health disparities in Vietnam. We have also collaborated with non-profit organizations in Vietnam such as the Friends of Hue Foundation, the Wellness Global Foundation, ASSORV, and TCC.

Medical Mission 2017
July 7 - July 22
Hoi An, Vietnam
Clinic Components:
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