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our History

VHC 1.0

Locations: Thai Nguyen & Binh Duong

Volunteers: 35

Health Professionals: 6

Patients: 860

The inspiration for Vietnam Health Clinic (VHC) came from a medical mission trip to Honduras with Global Medical Brigade (GMB) that Hong-Yen Chau and her friends participated in during 2008. The organization provided structure in the form of a makeshift clinic in a school setting and emphasized the concept of a student-led mission. GMB had employed personnel in Honduras to help bring the components together while the students and healthcare professionals acted as volunteers in the rural villages of Honduras. 


Hong-Yen and her friends learned from this experience and sought to replicate the same concept in Vietnam. They used what little Vietnamese they knew to talk to the local health care providers and connected with organizations in Vietnam. With that, VHC started in 2009 with an intent to bring students and healthcare professionals to underserved populations in Thai Nguyen, Ha Noi and Binh Duong. After 8 years, VHC has now expanded to the central region of Hue & Da Nang and has travelled as far south as Can Tho & Soc Trang.

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