Misinformation about coronavirus has been creating fear as well as provoking unacceptable bad behaviors and actions. This makes it harder to keep everyone healthy, especially from a new virus that we are continually learning about. We all must do our part to reduce and respond to the social stigma that is associated with COVID-19.  Below are some reliable resources to utilize and share.

How to report discrimination

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


General information, techniques and resources for stress management



Phone app tracking mental health, resources for stress management

Teen Link

Evening crisis phone line for youth

Crisis Connections

24-hour phone line for crisis intervention and mental and emotional support

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

24 hour phone line for those struggling with substance abuse or mental health crises

Crisis Text Line

Coronavirus text line where you can either send messages via text or Facebook messenger to reach a Crisis Counselor who can help support those struggling with mental health concerns during these anxious times.


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